Support & Collaboration

Lost in data? We're here to help.

The digital world and the huge increase of volume and complexity of data is revolutionizing science and industry. The first 12 RDA recommendations and outputs overcome several current barriers for data sharing and re-use. To encourage and foster testing, uptake and adoption of these recommendations and outputs, RDA Europe supports interested parties in research and industry in a number of ways: 

RDA Atlas of Knowledge (coming soon)

RDA Europe is building and maintaining a cumulatively growing Atlas of Knowledge to which other interested experts are invited to contribute. 

RDA Collaboration projects

RDA Europe periodically launches call for collaboration projects to test and/or adopt RDA recommendations. Experience gained in all testing activities will serve to improve the RDA results, identify gaps and in doing so accelerate the speed to come to widely accepted agreements.

Early Career Support Programme

RDA offers grants for young researchers to attend the RDA plenary meetings and participate in Working or Interest Group meetings of relevance to your area of study.


...but if you are getting completely lost, then you may be interested in our training opportunities. RDA organizes a series of training webinars and face-to-face workshops as well as hackathons/datathons on different topics closely related with RDA recommendations and outputs. Learn more.