Policy makers

At the core of RDA objectives at both European and global level

Policy makers are key to support key recommendations on issues such as education and training, trust, pushing public-private partnerships and coordination on an EU level. 
Also of relevance is the engagement with Open Data policy groups, the collaboration with national, regional and international groups to establish common policies for global data infrastructures for science communities and the collaboration also with e-Infrastructure groups such as EUDAT, GEANT, EGI, OpenAIRE, etc. Support and buy-in from policy groups will increase trust in open data and the creation of a registry of such policies.

Synchronisation Assembly

The RDA Synchronisation Assembly represents relevant European policy groups to provide European perspectives to the RDA process and in particular to the RDA Council members to help maintain focus of RDA work, balance with respect to participation, general policies and procedures in RDA, and strategic directions etc. Learn more here.

Settinig up Call to actions to contribute to data policies and legislations

RDA is working on a clear set of desired actions that RDA could achieve by working together with policy groups and with the members of the synchronisation assembly. Contribution to Coordinated policies on data infrastructures, open access, open science and the Open Science Cloud is also an outcome of this engagement.

Engagement of policy makers for RDA Plenary and other stakeholder events

RDA invites policy makers to contribute with speeches, presentations, papers, at RDA Plenary meetings, at meetings with Members of the European Parliament as well as in e-IRG and ESFRI events.