Industry & SMEs

Do you work for a large company or a public company?

Do you represent an SME, a start-up or in general a company managing your business with the use of a smart technology?

Are you a consultant offering services to business or research clusters, federations, associations?

Despite the size and type of your business, opening scientific data for companies with smart technologies is of growing importance, as well as combining data from different providers. RDA strongly supports industrial engagement and it is committed to:

  • Identify a set of target market sectors and map to /link with Working Groups & Interest Groups (e.g. agriculture and climate change)
  • Involve innovation clusters and business/enterprise associations to establish a series of MoUs and have the clusters involved in the groups 
  • Promote the Support Programmes to support the development of SME/RDA member projects under the umbrella of RDA

Get the most out of RDA

  • Learn more about RDA Outputs and how to adopt them
  • Involve companies developing R&D collaborative projects under national & international programs, for instance through the organization of Innovation Summits including an innovation award to explicitly attract (young) entrepreneurs 

If you are interested in knowing more about how RDA can support your business, if you want to showcase your success story of data management, if you want to apply for one of RDA initiatives dedicated to industry please contact us here