Funding agencies

We know the value of any (public) money spent. 

RDA leverages on past investments made by member states and funding agencies to the development of research infrastructures, big data research projects, open access policies, and more. In these pages we want to highlight the potential of greater collaboration for generating growth and jobs, as well as societal benefit of data infrastructures in furthering research into grand challenges. 

Highlighting value of e-Infrastructure. The Data Harvest Report.

The Data Harvest report is available for download. The report highlighs to member state science & technology, research and development and science funding agencies the RDA vision, the benefits of leveraging past investment and cost effectiveness and financial benefits of continued funding.

Setting up of call to actions to ensure future sustainability

RDA is working on a clear set of desired actions that RDA could achieve by working together with member states and funding agencies. They will be available from these pages and through RDA Newsletters.

Engagement of funding bodies for RDA Plenary and other stakeholder events

RDA invites representatives from funding agencies to contribute to RDA Plenary meetings with speeches, presentations and papers. RDA representatives participate on a regular basis to policy events with the objective of pushing RDA agenda and gathering requirements and feedback.