Citizens? Well, that's what we all are!

We know the importance of attracting citizens attention towards data management and its benefits, challenges and opportunities, and in general to explain you the work that RDA is doing. All of us as citizens are benefiting from the democratisation of science and access to scientific results as evidence of indirect investments for scientific research. RDA is devoted to link the “big data” phenomenon to those everyday challenges that the general public is sensitive to, such as big societal challenges; new jobs opportunities; public investments.

That's what this section is there for.

In these pages you will find:

  • General information about RDA, its structure and working procedures as well. You will also find simple video animations and comic strips that may make your life easier!
  • Relevant articles, interviews, pieces of news dealing with data aspects published in non-scientific press and magazines. Visit the Publications & Reports area
  • Links to articles and blogs from bloggers writing for national generic press or non-scientific magazines, from RDA senior and junior members, members from the RDA Secretariat telling what's going on in the data landscape, with their own words 
  • Press releases distributed to National Generic Press, available in different languages