RDA For you

Since 2011 RDA has seen a continued growth towards consolidating a worldwide organisation by mobilizing data practitioners to improve data sharing, management, interoperability and re-use in a time where heterogeneity of data organisations at all levels is increasing. Additionally, the growing data volumes and political demand for opening and re-using research data underline the necessity of coordinating and cooperating across domains, geographical borders and cultures. In just over two years since its official launch, RDA boasts over 3,670 members from 115 countries, of which 50% are from Europe. 

RDA Europe plays an active role in contributing to achieving the RDA vision of researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. At this purpose, RDA Engagement Plan identifies European stakeholders as the starting point for the generation of the targeted communication and outreach messages and activities tailored to each type of stakeholder grouping. 

If you find yourself represented in one of the groups below have a tour and see what RDA can do for you.