RDA Collaboration Projects

The Research Data Alliance is working on building the social and technical bridges to facilitate data sharing and re-use. Testing these outputs in several real community applications, encouraging communities to adopt solutions and adapting the outputs based on concrete implementation cases, is fundamental to ensure a concrete uptake of RDA results.

RDA Europe has reserved funds to be invested in joint collaborations with communities focusing on one or more of the following subjects:

  1. Co-organization of domain workshops or training courses on barriers, solutions, RDA outputs and adoption possibilities.
  2. Adoption of a specific RDA output and integration into the infrastructure software stack.
  3. Adaptation of existing software stack to be compliant with emerging RDA guidelines.
  4. Writing guidelines on RDA outputs focused on domain specialties.

Proposals that include support from an e-Infrastructure offering further resources and support in terms of storage, data services, etc. will be favourably evaluated. 

The first call for collaboration

RDA EU launched a first call for collaboration projects in September 2015 to  support communities that want to test/adopt RDA outputs. 25 proposals were submitted and after the evaluation by independent experts 7 proposals were selected that met the criterions, convincingly described their goals, showed feasibility of the proposal and an impact for the RDA. More information about the funded projects will be published in these pages.

RDA EU Second Call for collaboration

In July 2016 RDA Europe launched the second Call for European Collaboration Projects to support communities that want to test or adopt RDA outputs. RDA Collaboration Projects should be short and focused activities with concrete results to be produced within a 6 month time frame. Collaboration Projects will receive 15.000 € grant for carrying out these activities. The deadline for submitting your applications: 30 September 2016, extended to 15 October 2016. Information and application can be found here


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Scope & Conditions for Collaboration Projects
In the case of RDA Result Uptake & Test projects collaborations should be short and focused activities with concrete results produced within a 6 month time frame and should be in the order of 15.000€. Only in exceptional cases more costs can be included.
In the case of other collaborations such as organizing workshops or training courses RDA will adhere to standard funding templates and request itemized costs.
Financial support will be given through subcontracts to the applicant organisation and capable and skilled staff availability must be clearly demonstrated. Alternatively RDA partners can also host personal dedicated to the collaboration. RDA Europe will reserve some funds for eventual travel & subsistence expenses for collaboration team representatives to attend RDA plenaries or other relevant meetings to present results.
A number of conditions must be satisfied for collaboration projects:
  • The collaboration partners must demonstrate that there is appropriate co-funding (e.g. person effort, in-kind, etc. matching the required funds from RDA).
  • Added value in improving data sharing and re-use and thus an alignment with the RDA goals and principles must be clearly illustrated
  • Project coordination & supervision will be jointly carried out between an RDA expert and a senior expert from the collaboration partner.
  • The senior expert from the collaboration partner should be available to participate in a related RDA workshop as an expert.
  • Collaboration partners must give feedback to the RDA global processes, i.e. give feedback to the corresponding RDA groups via the wiki
Who should apply?
The Call for collaboration is open to European research & scientific communities, initiatives and organisations. Organizations, institutes and their departments already receiving funding under RDA Europe 2.0 and 3.0 contracts (Contract No. 632756 and 653194) are excluded from participation. 
Evaluation Criteria
Proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Balance of proposals (in terms of the bullets listed) (e.g. RDA EU is seeking proposals wrt. all results if possible)
  • Expected impact in cross- & multi-disciplinary environments
  • Added value in terms of testing and / or implementation of RDA outputs
  • New areas of support for RDA in terms of documentation, training, success stories, use cases, etc.
Evaluation & Negotiation Process
The junior/senior team analyses the proposals and interact with the proposers where necessary and create an implementation plan including details on funding, contributions, feasibility, and timing.
The RDA Europe project consortium seeks advice from two external experts per proposal.
RDA Europe selects and prioritizes projects for implementation with open and transparent reasoning.
For more information on this call, please contact collaborationeurope [at] rd-alliance.org