RDA Europe Second Science Workshop

RDA Europe Second Science Workshop
08 Feb

RDA Europe Second Science Workshop

The key objective of the RDA Europe 2nd Science Workshop is to bring together leading scientists from different disciplines and European countries to discuss about the needs and directions with respect to make data science much more efficient and to guarantee that results emerging from data-driven science and related initiatives are reproducible. 
The goal is to build up on the current momentum as the first 4 RDA Working groups presented their main outputs at the RDA 4th Plenary in Amsterdam, September 2014. Furthermore new and relevant bottom-up initiatives such as the Data Fabric Interest Group are making fast progress and the first results of the European survey on data practices in the research departments have been made public together with the 1st US science Workshops results. 
The purpose of RDA is to establish the social and technical connections and mechanisms that will make data work across barriers in a much easier, efficient and cost-effective manner than today and it wants to do so in a similar way to which the Internet has flourished.

A recent study of RDA Europe covering about 40 interviews and 70 interactions with data professionals from various disciplines and organizational backgrounds indicated that there is indeed a need to change methods given the continuously increasing amounts and complexity of the diverse data sets exchanged across cultures, scales, and technologies. This will be needed to tackle society’s grand challenges (addressing rapid climate change, curing cancer and other diseases, feeding and watering 7+ billion people, understanding the origins of the universe or the mind) as well as day-to-day work within most scientific fields.

The purpose of the Science Workshops in Europe and the US is to ask leading scientists to look critically at our work and to give RDA directions for activities.

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