How European E-Infrastructures (and RDA) will win the data challenge

E-Infrastructures & Research Data Alliance working together to win the data challenge

The European Commission has recently adopted the communication “European Cloud Initiative – building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe” to enable Europe to gain a leading position in the data driven revolution. Europe is the first producer of scientific data in the world, boasting 1.7 million researchers and 70 million science and technology professionals. The European Cloud Initiative will enable European research, industry and public authority to fully exploit this wealth of data, by establishing the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), a virtual environment to store and process this huge amount of data.

The “E-Infrastructures: Making Europe the Best Place for Research and Innovation” booklet describes in a clear and simple way how existing EU-funded e-infrastructures will enable European researchers to co-operate fruitfully, working in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, and fully exploiting the potentials of huge volumes of data provided by third parties.

Once again, RDA is a central part of the picture, concretely discussing, defining and building the e-infrastructures that will drive the data revolution. Join the RDA alliance, get involved right now!

With Plenary 8 now approaching...

From September 11-17, 2016, data professionals and researchers from all disciplines and from across the globe will convene in Denver, Colorado for International Data Week (IDW). The theme of this landmark event is ‘From Big Data to Open Data: Mobilizing the Data Revolution’.

All you need to know about RDA P8 and IDW Programmes is here

Upcoming events

Digital Infrastructures for Research: 28-30 September 2016, Krákow, Poland

The DI4R 2016 Conference is co-organised by EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT, OpenAIRE and RDA Europe, and is hosted by ACC Cyfronet AGH, Kraków's academic computing centre. The event is designed with research communities in mind and aims to foster broader adoption of digital infrastructure services and promote user-driven innovation.


Reproducible Open Science - an RDA/OpenAIRE Workshop, 9th of September 2016, Hannover, Germany

This Workshop will provide a forum to discuss ideas and advancements towards the revision of current scientific communication practices in order to support Open Science, introduce novel evaluation schemes, and enable reproducibility.

13th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES), 3-6 October 2016, Bern, Switzerland

This important event brings together key theorists, researchers and practitioners to explore the latest trends, innovations, policies and practices in digital preservation.


5th International LSDMA Symposium on “The Challenge of Big Data in Science”, October 5th, 2016, Karlsruhe, Germany

Management of scientific Big Data poses challenges at all stages of the data life cycle – acquisition, ingest, access, replication, preservation, etc. For scientific communities the data exploration – commonly considered as the 4th pillar besides experiment, theory and simulation – is of utmost importance to gain new scientific insights and knowledge.



Learning about the empowering role of E-Infrastructures has never been so entertaining!

Pick up the "E-Infrastructures: Making Europe the Best Place for Research and Innovation” booklet and find out how John, Fernando, Juliette and Sven are able to join their forces to study the global climate change issues thanks to the E-Infrastructures, such as GÉANT, EUDAT, EGI-ENGAGE, PRACE, INDIGO-DataCloud, OpenMinTed, BlueBRIDGE, D4Science, EVER-EST, AARC, OpenAIRE and – of course – RDA, that will make Europe the best place for research and innovation. Download the booklet now, and enjoy the reading!

Views about PID Systems. Training Course and Workshop now running in Munich!

31 August - 2 September 2016, Max Planck Compute and Data Facility (MPCDF) in Garching/Munich (Germany)

The workshop brings together  experts from different disciplines to engage in open dialogues about Persistent Identifiers. The training course runs from 31 August 2016 (11.00) to 1 September (12.00) and the Workshop starts on 1 September 2016 (13.00)  until 2 September (16.00).
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