Individual & organisational membership


Unlocking value from research data is the key competitive advantage in the 21st century. RDA and its members are at the heart of building a new economic model.

Organisations, data initiatives  will be instrumental in developing and implementing global exchange systems. Organisational members of RDA will be seen as pioneers in realizing full value from research data; they will exercise considerable influence in the development of standards for data exchange and will provide valuable insights to the entire range of RDA activity. RDA’s organisational members will be regularly briefed on developments in data interoperability and will have equally regular opportunity to provide feedback on activity and suggestions on next steps.

Organisations that join RDA recognise their future health and growth is dependent on realising value from research data. They are organizations that recognise the insights that will determine their futures may well come from data created outside their organisations. Because their “genius” is unlocking value, organisations that join RDA recognise systems that enable free trade in data are critical to their future and that of their competitors, collaborators, and societies. 


Participation in the RDA is open to anyone who agrees to the RDA principles.

Scientists come together through focussed Working Groups, exploratory Interest Groups to exchange knowledge, share discoveries, discuss barriers and potential solutions, explore and define policies and test as well as harmonise standards to enhance and facilitate global data sharing. Coupled with this RDA boasts a broad, committed membership of individuals and organiszations dedicated  to improving data exchange.

To see the list of the current Organisational and Affiliate Members and to consult the RDA Membership Agreement visit the RDA Global website.