Call for the RDA Europe Science Workshop 2018

The RDA Europe project is involved in co-organising the series of RDA Europe Science Workshops together with a well-known research organisation. Now we are calling for proposals for hosting the RDA Europe Science Workshop 2018.

RDA Europe Science Workshop is a concept of a two-day event, starting at noon and ending at noon of the following day. Most of the time is devoted to discussions, and participants are asked to present a short talk at the beginning of the meeting to bring views and topics for further discussions. The practical arrangements and the final list of invitees are made in collaboration between the host organisation and the RDA Europe project.

In practice, the RDA Europe project covers the travel and accommodation costs of ca. 15-18 invitees and the local host takes care of all local costs (e.g. venue, lunch, coffees), including a dinner for the participating 25 persons (approx.) on the evening of the first day.

Background information

The first RDA Europe Science workshop was co-organised with the Max Planck Society in Munich 10-11 February 2014. The second one was co-organised with CERN in Geneva 8-9 April 2015, and the third one with CNRS in Paris 19-20 April 2016. The fifth RDA Europe Science workshop will be co-organised with STFC in London in 2017.

The RDA Europe project is now initiating an open bidding process for the Science Workshop 2018 in order to find a host for the 2018 event. Please note that the event needs to take place in January 2018 at the latest as the project ends on 28th February 2018. Costs occurring after that deadline cannot be reimbursed by the project.

In the bid we expect suggestions for the following items:

  • The hosting organisation, which also sends the invitations, should have a high scientific credibility.
  • The organisation should support the idea of inviting leading scientists working with data from different disciplines and EU member states and bringing them together.
  • The organisation needs to set up a program committee together with the RDA Europe project. This ensures that a broad list of distinguished scientists is generated as candidates for participation. As RDA Europe leader of the “Research Engagement” task, Francoise Genova (organiser of the Science Workshop 2016) should be a member of the program committee.
  • The organisation needs to cover all local costs. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if the next Science Workshop takes place in a different country than the previous ones, in an easy-to-reach location. The meeting itself can only go from lunch to lunch to allow space for travel.

Application process

The proposals (maximum 3 pages) for hosting the 2018 Workshop should be submitted using the form below by 15 November 2016. 

In case of further details, please feel free to contact Ms. Francoise Genova (francoise.genova(at) or Mr. Leif Laaksonen (leif.laaksonen(at)

The evaluation of the proposals will be organised by the RDA Europe 3 work package 2, and eventually the project Board of Directors will make the final decision. The decision is expected by end of December 2016 and it will be announced at the Science Workshop in London in 2017.

In the evaluation, the following aspects are considered:

  • Science impact and liaison with science communities
  • Scientists from industrial environments and their engagement
  • National impact through the Science Workshop
  • Linkage to ICT researchers
  • Connection to the ESFRI RI and their involvement
  • Geographical balance
  • Benefits of proposal in general


Link to previous Science Workshop events and recommendations


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